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Custom Rom | Evilution V.3 | Samsung Galaxy Mini GT S5570

Written By Yhoga Dheviant on Saturday, December 22, 2012 | 12:55 AM

Features :
01. Base firmware 2.3.6 XWKTN.
02. OverClock up to 800 MHz with 16 governors and 4 I/O schedulers.
03. Ext4 as default File System.
04. Full Deodexed and Optimized some APKs.
05. Busybox v1.19.4 from cm7 with the latest su.
06. Pre Rooted and busybox run-parts (init.d).
07. Removed some apps.
08. Extended Power Menu with 4-way Reboot.
09. ICS / JB Style, 16 StatusBar Toggles, Transparent StatusBar, and swipe to clear notification.
10. New and improved! Advance Settings.
11. New and improved! Icon Patcher.
12. New and improved! Carrier Name.
13. New and improved! Carrier Image.
14. New and improved! EviLution Plugin.
15. New and improved! EviLution Ticker.
16. New and improved! CM Screenshot Settings (Preview, Image Format,   Toast, Share, Play Audio, Select Sound, Shake Screenshot, and Delay).
17. New and improved! Fonts Changer.
18. New and improved! EviLution Wallpapers with "Swipe to Change".
19. New and improved! Notification 'About EviLution' on the first boot.
20. New and improved! About EviLution.
21. New and improved! EviLution Settings :
- Application tools and settings (CPU Settings, System Applications,   Beats Audio, OpenVPN Settings, CMScreenshot Settings, Advance Settings,   Flip Mute, Startup Manager, Development Settings, EbiLution Plugin).
- UI Generals (Display, APK Replacer, Fonts Changer, Icon Patcher,   EviLution Ticker, Carrier Name, Carrier Image, Statusbar Tweaks,   Lockscreen).
- Device Info (CPU Spy, Battery History, Battery Information, usage statistics, Samsung Secret Codes).
- About Phone and EviLution (RECODED).
22. Added Touchwiz Launcher (Mod) as default launcher.
23. Replaced MyFiles with Total Commander.
24. Added TabStyle Settings (4 Tabs).
25. Added ICS recent apps.
26. Added Clock position settings for circle locksreen.
27. Added Recent App shortcut at Statusbar Expanded.
28. Added Statusbar Tweaks and 9 lockscreens.
29. Added Full Version Kernel, Mod version, and Author.
30. 1% battery mod.
31. QuickPic as default Gallery (patched).
32. New Boot Animation, Boot Sound, and Boot Splash.
33. Changed some UI sounds.
34. CRT Screen On/Off Enabled, OverScroll Glow, etc.
35. Block Ads.
36. Multy read fonts, Fixed RTL.
37. FM Radio without headset. (Thanks to Godell).
38. Added some binary and library files.
39. And many more modifications.
More Information :
1. Improved Advance Settings
Now you can choose whether static or dinamic (random) boot   animation/sound.It required OpenIntents API (Total Commander or OI File   Manager).
Added Adrenaline shot for better gaming experience.
2. Improved EviLution Carrier Name with 2 methods.
- Custom Layout : to change Carrier Name at StatusBar Expanded. (No need to reboot).
- Spn Method : to change Carrier Name at Lockscreen (Need Reboot).
Somehow i'm adding the 3rd method, It may not work properly.
3. Improved CM Screenshot Settings, now you can choose 5 different sounds.
Shake screenshot only works for 60 seconds due battery issue.
4. Improved EviLution Icon Patcher. It's using the same method with spacecaker's.
5. Fix minor bugs. EviLution wallpaper with landscape layout.
6. New and Improved! EviLution Carrier Image with reset ability.
7. New and Improved! EviLution Ticker to display text marquee.  Costumizable with text label, text size, text color, and text font.
Beware to choose your font (you may add new fonts in /system/fonts/), it may force close if unsupported font was selected.
Just in case you need to reset and restart statusbar, press menu and then "reset".
Marquee only works for loooooooooong text...
8. Goto Settings >> Screen Display >> Clock Position, only works for circle lockscreen.
9. Goto Settings >> EviLution Settings >> About Phone and   EviLution >> About Phone, to see extended about phone (ported  from  CMX).
10. If you are a developer and wanna use my parts, please give me a  credit. Some of parts on this ROM were build from scratch. Please   respect my works.
11. EviLution plugin for StatusBar Greper. 
Change Log :
v. 3.0
- New layout on the StatusBar Expanded.
- Added 16 toggle (lidroid).
- Added Statusbar Tweaks.
- Improved! EviLution Carrier Name (with 2 methods).
- Improved! EviLution Icon Patcher.
- Added EviLution Carrier Image.
- Added EviLution Ticker.
- Added EviLution CPU Spy.
- Added TabStyle Setting.
- Added ICS recent apps.
- Replaced Samsung Keyboard with Ginger Keyboard.
- Added recent apps button at Statusbar Expanded.
- Improved About Phone (ReCoded).
- New UI About EviLution (ReCoded).
- Improved Advance Settings.
- Improved! EviLution Wallpaper with fixed landscape layout.
- Added System Applications, Flip Mute, Development Settings (press back to kill), EviLution Plugin, etc.
- TouchWiz Launcher (Mod) as default Launcher.
- Updated some apps.
- Added Shake Screenshot and Select Sound (CMScreenshot).
- Added Adrenaline Shot.
- Added fm radio without headset.
- etc.

Installation :
- Download and install GingerBread 2.3.x using Odin.
- Download EviLution ROM and save it on your SD card.
- Boot into CWM Recovery, wipe data and cache.
- Install EviLution ROM dari CWM Recovery.
- Reboot now.

Screenshoot :

Download :
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