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Written By Yhoga Dheviant on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 | 12:52 AM

Balinese culture is essentially based on the values ​​that are rooted in the teachings of Hinduism. Balinese society recognizes the difference (rwa bhineda), which is often determined by factors of space (rural), time (kala) and the real situation on the ground (patra). Village concept, kala, patra cause of Balinese culture and is flexible and selective in accepting and adopting external cultural influences. Historical experience shows that the communication and interaction between the culture of Bali and foreign cultures such as India (Hindu), China, and the West, especially in the arts has led to new creativity in the fine arts and performing arts. The themes in painting, fine arts and performing arts influenced by Indian culture. Similarly, Chinese and Western culture / Europe gave the feel of stone art products in Bali. Acculturation process shows that the Balinese culture is flexible and adaptive, especially in the arts that is still able to survive and not lose your identity (Mantra 1996).

Balinese culture actually uphold the values ​​of balance and harmony of the human relationship with God (Parhyangan), human relations (pawongan), and the human relationship with the environment (palemahan), which is reflected in the teachings of Tri Hita Karana (three causes of welfare). If humans are able to maintain a balanced and harmonious relationship with the three aspects of well-being will be realized.

In addition to the values ​​of balance and harmony, also known Balinese culture the concept of tri Shemaiah the Balinese people's perceptions of the time. According to the Balinese past (athita), the present (anaghata) and the future (warthamana) is a time series that are not separated from each other DAPT. Human life at this time is determined by the results of past deeds, and actions at this time also determines the life in the future. In the teachings of the law of karma phala mention causation of a deed, a good deed will get a good result. Vice versa, the bad deeds or bad results are not good for the concerned.

Balinese culture also has a clear identity is manifested in expressive culture emncakup configurative that the basic values ​​of the dominant sepert: religious values, aesthetic values, of solidarity, values ​​harmony and equilibrium (Geriya 2000: 129). The five core values ​​are suspected to be able to survive and continue to face numerous challenges.

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